CFO Services

CFO services provide you with the sound financial insight you need to grow your business.

Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis

We analyze your financial results so you can understand your performance, monitor trends, and track your progress against goals.


Annual Budgeting

Preparing an annual budget provides a financial roadmap for your strategic initiatives. Regular budget vs. actual analysis also provides timely insight so you understand if you need to take corrective action now to meet your strategic goals tomorrow.


Forecasting and Pro-Forma Statements

If your business is wanting to understand its growth path, is considering financing, or contemplating an acquisition, preparing Pro-Forma statements can help you understand what that picture may look like given a certain set of assumptions. Working with your leadership team to define those assumptions, we can help you prepare and analyze what those “what-if” scenarios mean for your business.


Business Strategy and Planning

We offer quarterly and annual strategic planning sessions that go beyond just the books and focuses on the business as a whole. Utilizing the EOS® methodolgy, we help you identify long-term goals for the future, establish specific financial goals, analyze obstacles that may keep you from reaching your goals, and determine specific action items that help you overcome obstacles and make progress against your long-term objectives.

Ready to Grow? 

Resolve Works brings the expertise of a full-time finance department on a part-time basis. Contact us to begin the conversation. 

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