Accounting Services

Don’t lose sight of your profits, miss an opportunity, or endure unnecessary headaches because of neglected accounting. You owe it to yourself and your business to understand your financial information and have what you need, when you need it.




We give you the benefit of the latest online payroll technology, plus the peace of mind in knowing your payroll administration is handled.  Your employees get paid on time via direct deposit and have easy online access to all of their payroll information. 


Account Reconciliations

Performing monthly account reconciliations are foundational to keeping your books clean and accurate.  Identify errors, misstatements, and suspicious activity by reviewing and reconciling monthly.


Accounts Payable

Our accounts payable process eliminates the stress of not knowing which suppliers you owe money to and when.  Our online system supports digital vendor records, multiple approval workflows, ACH processing and connects seamlessly with Quickbooks and Xero. With online and mobile approval options, you can even review and approve payments on the go!


Accounts Receivable

How you manage your accounts receivable can make or break your business. Get a handle on your cash flow by automating collections, monitoring outstanding receivables, and accurately applying customer payments. 


Transaction Coding

While automated technology is great for syncing bank activity, it doesn’t replace the need to confirm transactions are coded correctly or review for duplicate, missing, and uncleared transactions. Reviewing transactions as they are downloaded makes monthly bank reconciliations a snap and sets you up for success in all other areas of financial reporting and management.


Sales and Use Tax Filings

With all of the recent changes in sales tax law, managing sales tax compliance internally can be a daunting task. We have the tools to automate the sales tax process, charge the correct rates, and remit to each jurisdiction on time. 



Ready to Grow? 

Resolve Works brings the expertise of a full-time finance department on a part-time basis. Contact us to begin the conversation. 

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