Resolve Works - Director of Client Accounting Services

Full Time, Benefits, Remote Work Available 

Preference given to Minnesota and Midwest-based candidates


This is a unique and exciting position working with startups that need accounting and back office workflows developed from the ground up. We are searching for an accounting professional that is ALSO a transformative leader, strategic thinker, technology guru, accounting subject matter expert, and customer experience fanatic. 

This is a leadership role that will own the client delivery experience, serving as a liaison for internal and external parties, as well as being a key contributor in helping shape the strategic vision of Client Delivery Services for the organization.  

You will lead our Client Delivery Services team which consists of Bookkeepers, Controllers and CFOs, and also be the primary point of contact for our clients, responsible for developing deep relationships with Founders, CEOs and other executives. 

To qualify for this role, you must have previously held an accounting leadership role with supervisory responsibilities, be fluent in Quickbooks Online, have experience integrating applications to the Quickbooks Online platform, have experience designing workflows, leading process implementations, and have a demonstrated commitment to providing an exceptional client experience. 


Responsibilities will be both employee and customer-facing. 


Customer-Facing Responsibilities: 

  • Lead the client on-boarding process by developing a deep understanding of the client’s business, designing customized workflows, and implementing technology tools per the scope of work. 

  • Identify & recommend appropriate technology tools for the client’s needs.  Perform testing, integrate technology across platforms, document workflows, and provide necessary training. 

  • Monitor ongoing service delivery and serve as the liaison between the client and the delivery team. 

  • Attend regularly scheduled client meetings.

  • Be available to the client to address ad-hoc service, technology, and process questions. 

  • Serve as the client champion by listening to the client’s needs, empathizing with their challenges, and guiding appropriate solutions. 

  • Manage client discussions concerning scope creep. 

  • Drive initial discussions around annual service renewals, identifying opportunities to provide additional value. 

  • Coordinate with external parties such as investors, legal, and tax as needed. 

  • Conduct regular client satisfaction surveys.

Employee-Facing Responsibilities

  • Serve in the key leadership role managing the client delivery services function.

  • Supervise internal and outsource staff providing Bookkeeping, Controller, and CFO services. 

  • Train staff to execute ongoing services after initial client on-boarding is complete and systems are in place. 

  • Effectively communicate service scope to the delivery team and assign accountability to appropriate team members. 

  • Ensure client delivery teams are managing checklists and preparing timely deliverables based on scope. 

  • Provide ad hoc training of accounting concepts and technology tools to team members as questions arise. 

  • Provide structured training and educational seminars to team members on key accounting concepts, best practices, technology tools, and current events impacting the accounting or startup industries. 

  • Hold weekly scheduled check-ins with team members to discuss open issues and status of client projects. 

  • Serve as the staff champion by providing encouragement, guidance, and celebrating the Resolve Works core values in day-to-day interactions. 

  • Conduct regular staff satisfaction surveys. 

Strategic Planning: 

  • Attend weekly meetings with the leadership team to discuss the status of client delivery services and identify open issues and opportunities. 

  • Attend quarterly strategic planning sessions to discuss the development of the delivery team and drive the improvement of the client delivery service model. 


Key Skills

  • You have the ability to problem solve. You should be able to identify core issues, analyze implications of various choices, test potential solutions, and implement the chosen path. 

  • You are able to self-teach technology tools. You must be able to research technology solutions, understand requirements, self-navigate training & tutorials, and perform fit-testing for real-world scenarios. 
  • You are passionate about learning and teaching others.  You have the ability to systematically and thoroughly train both internal team members and client representatives on how to execute custom workflows and use technology tools. This includes preparing written and video documentation and performing live training sessions. 
  • You are fanatical about providing exceptional customer service.  You treat our client’s businesses like your own.  You look for opportunities to provide value, create efficiencies, increase communication, and support decision-making.  
  • You are a compassionate listener.  You listen to both our client’s and internal team’s challenges, are able to relate through shared experiences,  provide professional counsel, and help identify solutions. 
  • You have a mastery of technical accounting.  You have a deep understanding of GAAP, are able to perform analysis of client files, develop accounting processes and procedures, create supporting work papers, and train staff on key accounting concepts. 

  • You have a mastery of Quickbooks Online and integrated technology.   You know QBO like the back of your hand and have experience integrating tools such as, Avalara, Expensify, Brex, ClearSpend, and Gusto.



  • Full Time, Exempt Position
  • Salary Commensurate with Experience
  • Bonus-Eligible
  • Benefits: 
    • Flexible Work Schedule
    • Remote Work Environment
    • Flex Time & PTO
    • Continuing Professional Education Reimbursements
    • Safe Harbor 401K
    • ICHRA Health Plan



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