Implementing Standard Procedures Can Help Your Business Grow

Increase your business growth by implementing standard procedures. Minnesota-based Resolve Works can help with our team of highly-skilled small business accountants.

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How Online Accounting Software Can Work for You

Are you a small business facing big challenges as you contemplate your company’s next stage of growth? One solution all growing businesses need is accurate and timely financial information. After all, how can you know what areas of your business to focus on if you don’t know where your money is coming or going? Before you run out to purchase a quick accounting solution in a box, consider the range of accounting features and services your business needs. For instance, are you looking to implement online invoicing and payments for your customers? Do you need an online inventory solution? Make a list of key features you would like your online accounting package to have so you can make informed decisions as you review the online accounting software packages available.

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Profit for a Purpose: An Overview of Benefit Corporations

So maybe you’ve heard the term before, but exactly what is a benefit corporation?

To put it simply, benefit corporations are for-profit, mission-driven structures. They are formed when organizations want to have an expanded purpose beyond simply maximizing shareholder financial returns.

Benefit corporations are a relatively new entity structure, currently allowed in 30 states and DC. To understand the difference between a benefit corporation and a traditional corporation, lets review some key questions about benefit corporations.

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5 Budgeting Tips Every Business Owner Should Know

Although the word “budget” strikes fear into the the hearts of most entrepreneurs, preparing an annual budget should be one of your priorities as a small business owner. Without a budget, you are essentially “flying blind” and have no compass with which to navigate your operations and performance. In fact, without a budget, you may not know how much revenue you need to reach your goals, how to plan for staffing, or how much reserve funding you have on hand. Measuring your progress against an annual budget can give you peace of mind by allowing you to keep a pulse on your operations, understand revenue and expense performance, and make informed, timely decisions. Once you have a budget process in place, keeping it updated is relatively easy. Getting started, however, may be a bit of a challenge. Resolve Works can help you set up and maintain a healthy budget through our small business accounting service. Let’s look at five ways you can keep your budget updated as you go.

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How to Streamline Your Invoicing Process

Invoicing is an important part of small business accounting, but the payment process will always be problematic if you don't set up your invoices properly. So what can you do to ensure invoicing is easy and your customers pay promptly and regularly?

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Do I Need a Full-Time Accountant?

There are several reasons to hire an accountant for your startup. First, you’re going to be in over your head getting your business off the ground. Second, you’ll be concerned about your bookkeeping, but you won’t have the time or the knowledge to make sure your books are being done right. Third, an accountant can help measure your financial success and minimize your risk as you take your business to the next level.

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How Implementing Standard Procedures Can Help You Grow

We all like to see our businesses grow. A business strategy of growth is synonymous with greater wealth and more financial security. However when we think about a business growth strategy we normally associate it with increasing sales – after all, increasing sales mean increasing profits right?

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Accountant vs Bookkeeper: What’s The Difference?

Let’s throw away the misconception that accounting and bookkeeping are the same things. While both accountants and bookkeepers work to assist with financial management, there are definitely some distinctions between their duties. Before entrusting your business to either an accountant or bookkeeper, it’s important to understand the different aspects of the roles.

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What Our Clients Have to Say About RW.

" Creative professionals are often weak-to-hopeless when it comes to procedures, paperwork and other unsexy money matters. GUILTY!! [Resolve Works] turned our accumulated chaos into order quickly and with zero friction. [RW] keeps everything running smoothly and provide thorough, thoughtful counsel whenever needed. Super responsive, utterly pro and a true pleasure to work with. Be smart, hire them. They work miracles! "

Julie K, owner, strategic brand consultancy

" I was struggling to keep up with the bookkeeping for a growing retail business. I tried hiring inexperienced, part time help and ended up spending more time correcting and auditing than I had previously spent doing all the entries myself! Jill and her team at [RW] offered a professional solution that could grow with my business. They helped me correct the mistakes I originally made in the set up of my books and provided credible balance sheet and earnings reports. Jill and Miranda are helpful, responsive, and capable. They are so careful and detailed that I no longer worry about data entry. I am so happy with the value of the service I would not hesitate to recommend [RW] to anyone. "

​D. Arnzen, Arnzen Arms LLC