Quickbooks Accounting Solutions

If you are like many small businesses, you run your company on QuickBooks. As America’s #1 small business accounting software, QuickBooks has all the key features you need to track your business performance. Whether you need help getting your QuickBooks file set up, need help cleaning up your books, or want guidance on how to use your QuickBooks software more effectively, our team of professionals are here to assist you. As QuickBooks Certified Advisors, Resolve Works can help you:

  • Set up your QuickBooks File
  • Clean up historical data
  • Integrate Apps and Add-Ons
  • Clean up your chart of accounts
  • Develop QuickBooks best practices specifically for your business workflow
  • Train internal staff on how to use QuickBooks
  • Maintain your QuickBooks file and Bookkeeping
QuickBooks Online

With QuickBooks online, your financial data is at your fingertips—wherever and whenever you want it. Using a cloud-based platform, QuickBooks Online is the new “go-to” accounting software for many small business owners.

One of the key features in QuickBooks Online is its ability to automate transactions and sync directly with your bank and a myriad of third-party apps and add-ons. But while much of the system is automated, the system still needs to managed to ensure data accuracy and avoid complicated messes down the line.

We can help you get your QuickBooks Online account established, help you clean it up, or help you convert from your desktop. We can also manage the ongoing QuickBooks accounting for you or train your team on how to do it if you prefer to manage it in-house. We also offer special lifetime discounts for QuickBooks Online, whether or not you are a client. Perfect for when your free trial or introductory discount offered by Intuit expires.

QuickBooks Desktop

For complex businesses or those who prefer the more robust features of QuickBooks, the desktop version may be the right choice for you. We offer the same QuickBooks support, whether virtual or desktop, simply by connecting to your local desktop through a remote connection.

QuickBooks Hosted Environment

Hosted QuickBooks environments are a great solution if you want all the features of QuickBooks desktop, but also want the flexibility to access your file from any location. With your QuickBooks file hosted on a remote desktop, you can login into your file from any location, and have the same look and feel as though you were sitting in your office.

QuickBooks hosted desktops are a great solution for businesses that have more complex accounting needs, particularly as they relate to Inventory and Financial Reporting. Hosted desktops can also support QuickBooks Enterprise, which has many advanced features that QuickBooks Online does not currently support.

If you already have a hosted QuickBooks Desktop, we can easily access your file to support your accounting needs. If you are interested in getting a hosted file setup, contact us to discuss your needs.

QuickBooks Membership

For more information about QuickBooks, contact us at (612) 293-9368. If you’re interested in our QuickBooks Membership and Hosting through Resolve Works, visit our QuickBooks Membership page for more information about the various membership options available.


Quickbooks Certified Advisor

What Our Clients Have To Say About RW.

" Creative professionals are often weak-to-hopeless when it comes to procedures, paperwork and other unsexy money matters. GUILTY!! [Resolve Works] turned our accumulated chaos into order quickly and with zero friction. [RW] keeps everything running smoothly and provide thorough, thoughtful counsel whenever needed. Super responsive, utterly pro and a true pleasure to work with. Be smart, hire them. They work miracles! "

Julie K, owner, strategic brand consultancy

" I was struggling to keep up with the bookkeeping for a growing retail business. I tried hiring inexperienced, part time help and ended up spending more time correcting and auditing than I had previously spent doing all the entries myself! Jill and her team at [RW] offered a professional solution that could grow with my business. They helped me correct the mistakes I originally made in the set up of my books and provided credible balance sheet and earnings reports. Jill and Miranda are helpful, responsive, and capable. They are so careful and detailed that I no longer worry about data entry. I am so happy with the value of the service I would not hesitate to recommend [RW] to anyone. "

D. Arnzen, Owner