Our Difference

Beyond the Books, to the Business

Resolve Works goes beyond just plugging in numbers for your business. Our highly-skilled team is trained to look for operational efficiencies, improve and develop processes, make recommendations on software tools, analyze, test, and implement new tools, and provide strategic guidance in both your company’s finance and general business operations.

As accounting professionals with decades of combined experience under our belts, we are always excited about our client’s success and see accounting as a small piece of a much larger puzzle. In addition to getting your books under control, Resolve Works is always looking for new opportunities that may benefit your business and can help you:

  • Lead strategy sessions to identify short-term and long-term business goals
  • Assist with the development of the organizational structure and role definitions
  • Lead strategy sessions to identify core business issues and implement processes for solving those issues
  • Guide your team in identifying annual priorities and defining these into quarterly goals

Our team will identify issues with your business’s accounting plan, propose solutions, and scope out incremental steps to reach your long-term goals. This approach is superior to most part-time bookkeepers who may have limited skills, education, or management capabilities.

Our Team Approach

When you partner with Resolve Works, you’re partnering with a team. You will work with both a bookkeeper and a controller, who will act as your business’s accounting manager. Your controller will conduct an initial assessment of you and your business, spearhead any necessary cleanup efforts, develop a proper business workflow, implement processes, and will stand as the primary interface with you. Once your business is stabilized, the daily work will be managed by a dedicated bookkeeper, with the controller continuing to provide oversight and manage special projects such as budgeting, cash management, and software integration.

Our team approach allows you to receive the benefits of having a part-time bookkeeper and controller, with the same level of expertise and oversight as a full-time accounting manager.

Let the Resolve Works team take on the beast of overseeing your business’s accounting and finances. We’ve been where you are now. Once a small start-up ourselves, Resolve Works understands the most basic needs of any small business. Let us help you outgrow us! For more information about any of our services, contact us at 612.293.9368.


What Our Clients Have To Say About RW.

" Creative professionals are often weak-to-hopeless when it comes to procedures, paperwork and other unsexy money matters. GUILTY!! [Resolve Works] turned our accumulated chaos into order quickly and with zero friction. [RW] keeps everything running smoothly and provide thorough, thoughtful counsel whenever needed. Super responsive, utterly pro and a true pleasure to work with. Be smart, hire them. They work miracles! "

Julie K, owner, strategic brand consultancy

" I was struggling to keep up with the bookkeeping for a growing retail business. I tried hiring inexperienced, part time help and ended up spending more time correcting and auditing than I had previously spent doing all the entries myself! Jill and her team at [RW] offered a professional solution that could grow with my business. They helped me correct the mistakes I originally made in the set up of my books and provided credible balance sheet and earnings reports. Jill and Miranda are helpful, responsive, and capable. They are so careful and detailed that I no longer worry about data entry. I am so happy with the value of the service I would not hesitate to recommend [RW] to anyone. "

D. Arnzen, Owner